GP BIKES presents…

The 63rd Corduroy Enduro®

…Canada’s Toughest Race!!

NEW:  PRE-ENTRY ONLY…  OPENS AUGUST 25TH @ 07:00 PM, Closes Sept 20th @ 7:00 pm. Pre-Registration is being held on the LIVELAPS.COM REGISTRATION SYSTEM. You must have a FREE LiveLaps account to be able to enter the event. Click HERE for a complete tutorial on how to sign up for your account, you will only ever have to do this once.  Please note, online registration is a lottery on row numbers for the event, (Yes, you get to choose your row number!) The earlier you enter the better chance you will have of getting the row number of your choice. Good Luck.

You must bring your LiveLaps Event Passport to the event as proof of Registration.

Family and Class Discounts

If you are a family member of a rider who has entered and wish to also enter please use the “Family” class from the pulldown class list to enter at the discounted rate of $100.00. To qualify one family member must have entered at the full entry rate and as a family member you must reside at the same address.
EXAMPLE: Husband has entered as an EXPERT. The wife rides WOMEN A. To receive the family discount the wife enters in the FAMILY CLASS. When OffRoad Ontario receives the FAMILY CLASS entry we will confirm same residence and edit the wife’s class to WOMEN A based on their classification in the OffRoad Ontario database.
Womens B and Vintage Class also qualify for a discounted rate of $100.00
Please direct any questions to


Hosted by the Haliburton Trail Riders

September 24-25, 2016.

3rd and 4th Rounds of the Off-Road Ontario Enduro Championship


2015 Photos by Keith Hamilton

This is the 62nd running of the Corduroy Enduro. Imagine this route in 1953! The Corduroy was a hard enduro long before “Hard Enduro” was coined as a phrase. The event is venued out of Gooderham, Ontario in the historic hinterlands and through original pioneer settlement roads of ‘Upper Canada’.




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