Event Info

2019 Promation Corduroy Enduro® – Presented by GP Bikes ………Canada’s Toughest Race!

September 19th to 22nd, 2019, Hosted by the Corduroy Enduro®Riders.

Registration is open. Go to www.Livelaps.com to enter!

Purse: The 2019 Promation Corduroy Enduro®has a purse of $12,000 to be awarded based on the rider’s overall standing in their class as follows:

Men Pro – 1st $5000       2nd $2500      3rd $800          4th$400           5th$300

Woman Pro – 1st $1500     2nd $750      3rd $500        4th250

Husqvarna Dash for Cash– A dash for cash event will be held on Friday afternoon for the Top 16 Pro Riders and the Top 8 Women Pro Riders. Riders will go head to head in a winner takes all event. $1000 to the top Pro rider and $500 top Women Pro rider.  Final selection of the Top Riders is at the discretion of the event organizer.

Headquarters:  Gooderham Community Centre 1043 Community Centre Road, Gooderham, Ontario 250m South of HWY 503 & HWY 507.

Entry Fee and Registration: PRE-ENTRY ONLY: Pro and Expert $195 (3 day event – includes event t-shirt) All other classes $165 (2 day event – includes event t-shirt) $80 (one day event) $100 for second family member living at the same address (either spouse or child). Additional t-shirts are available for sale at the community centre.

Pre-entry opens June 1st – 12:00 noon.  Pre-entry Closes: Sept 18th at 7:00 pm

Row Number Selection: Pro riders – rows 1 to 10, Expert and Women Pro – rows 11 to 20.  All other classes will start on rows 21 and higher.

Pre-Entry is through LIVELAPS.COM  You must have a FREE LiveLaps account to be able to enter the event. Click HERE for a complete tutorial on how to sign up for your account, you will only ever have to do this once.

Sign-In: Sign-in will be held at the Corduroy Enduro Headquarters (Gooderham Community Centre) at the following times:

  • Thursday night            Sept 19th 7:00 – 9:00 (Pro, Expert and Vintage GP only)
  • Friday morning            Sept 20th  7:00 – 9:30 (Pro, Expert and Vintage GP only)
  • Friday night                  Sept 20th  5:00 – 9:00
  • Saturday morning        Sept 21st  7:00 – 8:30
  • Sunday morning          Sept 22nd 7:00 – 8:30

Eligibility:  All riders must possess a valid driver’s license. Motorcycles do not have to be street legal. Off-road registration for your state or province is required. Minimum age is 16, any riders under age 18 must have a waiver signed by BOTH parents/guardians. Off-Road Ontario or FMSQ membership required for all riders. PNWMA, and AMSA must sign up for Off-Road Ontario membership,  Off-Road Ontario membership fees for these riders will be refunded after the Corduroy.

Classes:  Off-Road Ontario classes are being run.

Daily Start Times:  Friday 10:00 for Pro and Expert riders and 10:30 for Vintage GP Riders. Saturday and Sunday 9:00 am.

OFTR Sound Test: A maximum 94db will be strictly enforced. We will not lose our trails because of unnecessarily loud motorcycles.

Mandatory Riders Meeting: Friday at 9:30, Saturday and Sunday at 8:30 am – Make sure you attend! In addition to the above mandatory meetings, there will be an in-depth riders meeting on Friday night at 8:00 in which riders are invited to ask questions.

The Course: The course is made up of approximately 150 km of trail and 8 timed tests each day including a final MX test on Sunday. No Time Keeping. Complete rules are available at www.offroadontario.ca.

Number Plates and Arrowed Routes:

  • Pro and Expert – White numbers on a red background – Three decals will be supplied.
  • Women Pro – White Numbers on Blue Background – Three decals will be supplied.
  • All other classes – Black numbers on a yellow background – Front decals will be supplied.

All riders are required to wear the provided numbered bibs at all times during competition.

A colour coded sticker will be placed on the front number plate beside a rider’s number. The colour of the stickers will correspond with the route and course making the rider is to follow. At course splits the rider follows the arrow that matches the coloured sticker on his/her bike.

Pro and Expert Red number plates and pink arrows
Woman Pro, Intermediate, Vet Expert, Novice A Orange sticker and arrows
B Classes – Woman Intermediate, Vet A, +55 Blue sticker and arrows
C Classes – Woman Novice, Vintage Green sticker and arrows

Parc Ferme (Motorcycle Impound): All competition motorcycles will be impounded on Saturday night. There will be a 15 min work period prior to the impound on Saturday night and another 15 min work period for riders prior to their assigned start time on Sunday morning. A security guard will be on duty all night to ensure that the motorcycles are secure from theft and tampering (for additional information see the Supplementary Rules).

Awards: Corduroy trophies will only be awarded on Sunday afternoon based on total score for 2 or 3 days (class dependant).  Riders who complete the entire event will receive a finisher’s medal.

Gas trucks: Gas trucks will be provided Saturday and Sunday (not required on Friday), be sure to bring 3 gas cans with your name clearly marked on all of them.

Spectator Viewing Areas and Start Locations: Directions will be available at the Gooderham Community Centre, in the event program and on-line closer to the event date.

Accommodations: Camping is permitted at the Gooderham Community Centre (no services available), A $10 per camping vehicle fee will be charged. Or search online for local rental cottages and other accommodations (www.highlandseast.ca).

Meals:  Food is available for purchase each day of the event through LIVELAPS.COM  In addition, a Food Truck and a Wood Fired Pizza truck will be on location Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Corduroy KTM Lounge: Join us on Friday and Saturday nights in the Corduroy KTM Lounge for live rider interviews, great music, or just chill out at the fire pit.

Corduroy Honda Theatre:Join us on Friday and Saturday nights in the Corduroy Honda Theatre for event and sponsor videos.

Demo Rides: Thanks to our motorcycle sponsors, you will have the opportunity to ride one of the 2020 bike models on Super Demo Thursday, or onFriday and Saturday afternoons.

Lang’s Offroad Trail Ride – Saturday: There will be a trail ride on Saturday for anyone who wants to enjoy the Corduroy Enduro in a non-competitive format. Green or blue plate compatible – Register at the Corduroy Headquarters Gooderham.  Ride leaves at 10:30

Rally Connex Duel Sport Ride – Sunday: Take in some of the spectator points for Sunday’s Enduro route while enjoying the beautiful backroads and trails of the Highlands. For information contact Rally Connex at www.rallyconnex.com

Official Tire of the Corduroy Enduro®: Hoosier Tires.  Roost Factory-Hoosier Off Road will have tire technicians on site to service rider tire needs

Vintage Bikes at the CordIf you think there is still some speed left in those old wheels, (1987 and older), then you can compete two different ways:

1. Corduroy Enduro®Vintage GP

  • Vintage GP – Date and Entry Fee: Friday, Sept 20th – $50.00 Entry Fee
  • Vintage GP – Course: Approximately 60km with 4 timed tests.

Vintage GP – Classes:

  • V Class-no single shock, no liquid cooling, no disc brakes.
  • V1 Class-the machine can have one of the above attributes.
  • V2 Class-the machine can have two of the above attributes.
  • V3 Class-The machine can have 3 of the above attributes.
  • V100 Class-the age of the rider and the machine add up to more than 100.
  • V110 Class-the age of the rider and the machine add up to more than 110.

****(Motorcycle does not need to be 1987 and older for the V100 class and / or V110)****

  • Awards will be presented at 3:00pm Friday.

Registration opens 12:00 noon, June 1 (see pre-entry above) – Riders do not need to be Off-road Ontario members.

2. Corduroy Enduro® Vintage Class

  • Vintage Class – Date and Entry fee: Saturday, September 21st and Sunday September 22nd – $165.00. One class,1987 and older.
  • Vintage Class – Course: The Vintage class rides a shorter course than the modern bikes with no impound Saturday night.
  • Vintage Class Registration opens 12:00 noon, June 1 (see pre-entry above).

3.Corduroy Enduro® Vintage Bike Show

  • Vintage Bike Show – Date and Entry Fee: Saturday, September 21st – No Charge
  • Vintage Bike Show – Categories: Best Restored, Best as Ridden, or Best Machine with Corduroy Experience.
  • Vintage Bike Show – Awards: Bikes to be on display by 2:00pm on Saturday, awards will take place at 3:00.

Registration is open. Go to www.Livelaps.com to enter!