The Cord® Fan Guide

The 2021 Corduroy Enduro® will comply with current Covid Guidelines and Restrictions at the time of the event. Refer to our Covid Safety Guidelines for additional information.

CLICK here for the mandatory COVID-19 EPass Questionnaire

Admission – Admission to the Corduroy Enduro® is free; however, a one-time camping fee of $20 per overnight vehicle will be collected at the gate to the Community Centre. The Corduroy Enduro® issues wristbands for admission to this event. All riders and fans must sign a waiver to obtain their wristband (available at the front gate). Wristbands are valid for the entire event (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) and should not be removed until the completion of the event.

Camping – The local Municipality has passed a by-law to temporally allow Corduroy Enduro® Racers and Fans to use the Community Centre Grounds (including overnight camping), please read and respect the following items:

Camping – Primitive Camping – Primitive Camping is available on the Community Centre Grounds for a fee of $20 per licenced vehicle, payable upon entrance to the Community Centre grounds.  All persons entering the Community Centre grounds MUST sign a liability waiver and receive a wrist band (refer to Admission above).

Primitive camping means no electricity, water or sewer connections available so come prepared.  Port-a potties are available throughout the camping area.  Camping spaces cannot be reserved and are on a first come first serve basis.  Camping within the Market Place Vendor Area is restricted.

Gates open on Wednesday at 4:00pm

Gates close  Monday at 12:00 noon

Camping – Noise Curfew – Quiet time is from 11:00pm to 6:00am each night. No loud generators please, let’s respect our fellow racers and Community Centre neighbours.

Camping – Campfires – No open fires allowed.  All grill ashes must be removed off-site after the event weekend.  The organizer reserves the right to restrict or ban all fires.

Camping – Sanitation – All waste and wastewater MUST be disposed of properly off-site at a dump station.  There are no dump facilities on site.  Person’s caught dumping black or grey water will be immediately ejected from the facility.

Please be courteous and bag all your trash, placing it in or beside the provided garbage barrels for pick-up by the local Municipality.

Corduroy Enduro® Race Headquarters – Race Headquarters is at the heart of the action for the race weekend. Watch the race starts and the Final MX test, visit our vendors and food trucks or visit the manufacturer and Pro rider pits. Located at the Robert McCausland Memorial Community Centre (1043 Community Center Road, Gooderham, Ontario K0M 1R0). 

Demo Rides – Thanks to our motorcycle sponsors, you have the opportunity to ride one of the 2022 off-road models on Super Demo Thursday and Friday.  Bring your off-road riding gear and your drivers lisence. 

Emergency 911 – If you are a rider or a fan and you experience a medical emergency please call 911 and notify a track official immediately.

Fan Conduct – Offensive signs, public intoxication and profanity will not be tolerated.

Food Vendors – Food trucks will be available during the weekend.

Information – A Corduroy Enduro® representative will be available at limited times each day at the Community Centre to assist with general information, lost and found items and other event-related services.

Lost and Found – Items will be available for claim at the Information / guest services area located at the Community Centre

Parking – Day parking at the community centre is free.  Please park in designated areas only, keeping the fire lanes and roadways clear.

Parking – Special Needs – Please notify the Parking Marshall if you specific parking requirements.

Parc Ferme (Motorcycle Impound) – All competition motorcycles will be impounded on Saturday night. Riders will only be allowed to work on their bikes for 15 min prior to the impound on Saturday night and another 15 min prior to starting Sunday morning.

Pets – Pets are welcome but must be kept on a short leash at all times and never left unattended, including in vehicles. Pet owners are responsible for their pet and the removal of pet waste.

Programs – Copies of the 2021 Promation Corduroy Enduro® Program – part of the rider entry package – will be made available at Race Headquarters (Robert McCausland Memorial Community Centre – Gooderham).  The Program contains the official weekend schedule, maps of the course, route sheets, spectator points and other interesting information.

Purse – The 2021 Promation Corduroy Enduro® has a purse of $11,000 to be awarded based on the rider’s overall standing in their class as follows:

  • Men Pro –                 1st $4000       2nd $2500      3rd $800         4th $400           5th $200
  • Woman’s Pro –        1st $1500       2nd $800        3rd $500          4th 300

Racer Classification – The Corduroy Enduro® follows the Off-road Ontario classification system as follows:

  • Pro
  • Expert
  • Vet Expert
  • Women Pro
  • Intermediate A
  • Intermediate B
  • Women Intermediate
  • Novice 
  • Vet A
  • Vet B
  • Vet C
  • Vet +55
  • Junior
  • Women Novice
  • Vintage

Racer Number Plates – Number plates are different colours depending on the class the rider enters as follows:

  • Pro and Expert – White numbers on a red background
  • Women Pro – White Numbers on Blue Background
  • All other classes – Black numbers on a yellow background

Racer Arrowed Routes – All riders do not complete the entire course but will split off at specifically marked points depending on the difficulty of the upcoming terrain. All riders have a coloured sticker on their front number plate which corresponds to the route the rider is to follow.

 Pro, Expert, Vet Expert  Pink arrows
 Woman Pro, Intermediate A, Intermediate B  Orange arrows
 Woman Intermediate, Novice, Vet A, Vet 55+  Blue arrows
Vet C, Junior, Woman Novice, Vintage  Green arrows

Racing Start Times 10:00 for Vintage GP riders on Friday.  9:00 All classes Saturday and Sunday.

Rally Connex Trail Ride – Saturday: There will be a trail ride on Saturday for anyone who wants to enjoy the Corduroy Enduro in a non-competitive format. Green or blue plate compatible.  Click here for additional information and to sign up.

Rally Connex Dual Sport / ADV  Ride – Sunday: Take in some of the best spectator points along  Sunday’s Enduro route while enjoying the beautiful backroads and trails of the Highlands. Click here for additional information and to sign up.

Re-entry – Guests may exit and re-enter the Community Centre Area (Race Headquarters) as long as they have their wrist band pass on.

Refunds – The Corduroy Enduro® does not issue refunds for admission passes / parking passes under any circumstances.

Restrooms – Port-a-potties are available on the Community Centre grounds and limited gas stops / spectator points throughout the weekend.  

Scoring / race results – Refer to the Live Laps website on your phone or computer for up-to-date live timing and scoring.

Souvenirs – Corduroy Enduro® Souvenir T-shirts are available for purchase at the Off-road Ontario trailer located at the Community Centre Main Entrance.

Spectator Viewing – Refer to the 2021 Corduroy Enduro® Program (once available) for Spectator viewing times, locations and directions.

Track Access – Spectators must stay off the course and keep a safe distance from the racing action.  It is your responsibility to keep yourself and your children a safe distance from the course.  Never turn your back to the oncoming racers.

Vendor Market – The Vendor Market area is located at Gooderham Community Centre – the Corduroy Enduro® Race Headquarters.

Vintage GP – The Vintage GP takes place at the Community Centre grounds on Friday.  Riders will face 60km of trails over 4 timed tests.  Classes are as follows:

  • V Class – no single shock, no liquid cooling, no disc brakes.
  • V1 Class – the machine can have one of the above attributes.
  • V2 Class – the machine can have two of the above attributes.
  • V3 Class – the machine can have 3 of the above attributes.
  • V100 Class – the age of the rider and the machine add up to more than 100.
  • V110 Class – the age of the rider and the machine add up to more than 110.

Vintage Bike Show – The Vintage Bike Show is also on Friday, September 24th in the Community Centre parking lot.  Bikes will be on display at 2:00, awards are at 3:00.

Bike Show categories are:

  • Best Restored
  • Best as Ridden
  • Best Machine with Corduroy Experience

Comments, Concerns, Ideas – Please let us know what you think of the event by stopping at the Information area located inside the Community Centre and completing a comment card.