Supplemental Rules 2023

The 2023 Corduroy Enduro® is governed by and run under the Off-road Ontario rule book with the following exceptions and additions as listed in these Supplementary Regulations. The Off-road Ontario rule book can be viewed and downloaded at


1.0      GENERAL


1.2      OFFICIALS

1.3     THE JURY


2.0      ENTRIES






8.0      PARC FERME

9.0      WORK AREA

9.5      START AREA


The competition shall be run over two days with the purpose of testing the reliability of the motorcycle and the skill of the participating rider who must cover the entire distance under the prescribed conditions.

The total time for a day of competition is  between five and seven hours based on the Schedule A time, excluding the fifteen minutes of the last time check.


The event will be supervised by a Jury composed of Off-road Ontario board members and chaired by the Event Referee.

Except for the Jury (President and voting members), all officials and their assistants are subject to the authority of the Clerk of the Course.


  • Clerk of the Course:                       Blair Sharpless
  • Score Keepers:                                Wayne Brogan, Bill Fitkowski, Dave Kent
  • Referee:                                            Jill Carney
  • Jury Members:                                 Warren Thaxter, Rick Day
  • Technical Steward:                         Dave Kent
  • Vintage Show Bike Judges:            Warren Thaxter


An official shall not be a rider or mechanic participating in the Event.


The Technical Stewards, appointed by the Clerk of the Course, must sound test the motorcycles before the rider registers to ride.


The following persons are entitled to attend the meetings of the Jury but without voting rights:  Clerk of the Course, and the Score Keepers

1.3.1    THE REFEREE

The Referee must ensure that the decisions of the Jury conform to the rules and the Supplementary Regulations of the Event.

The Referee shall determine the times of the Jury meetings and, if necessary, convene any extraordinary meetings.

The Referee has the right to invite any guests to the Jury meetings, when appropriate for the Event.


The Jury is the only disciplinary body competent to adjudicate upon any protest that may arise during the Event.

The Jury is entitled, either on its own initiative, or on request of the Clerk of the Course, to delay the start of the Event to have the course improved, to prematurely stop or cancel part or the entire Event because of urgent safety reasons or for any other reasons of “force majeure”.


Decisions of the Jury are based on a simple majority.


All decisions of the Jury necessary for the running of the Event as well as the results are published as soon as possible.


All trophies and prize money will be awarded based on a rider’s total performance over two days.

1.4.1    TROPHIES

  • Pro                              1st to 3rd   (Top Pro rider receives the Premier award)
  • Expert                         1st to 3rd (Top Expert rider receives the Clare Heard Award)
  • Intermediate A          1st to 3rd (Top Intermediate rider receives the Bill Sharpless Award)
  • Intermediate B          1st to 3rd
  • Novice                        1st to 3rd (Top Novice A rider receives the White Trophy)
  • Junior                          1st to 3rd
  • Vet Expert                  1st to 3rd
  • Vet A                           1st to 3rd
  • Vet B                           1st to 3rd
  • Vet C                           1st to 3rd
  • Vet 55+                       1st to 3rd
  • Women Pro               1st to 3rd (Top Woman Pro rider receives the Kathi Cambell Award)
  • Women Intermediate 1st to 3rd
  • Women Novice        1st to 3rd

All classes are eligible for the: Bert Irwin Award and the Ron Jackson Sportsmanship Award.

Special Awards

  • Premier Award – Top Pro Rider
  • Ron Jackson Sportsmanship Award – Decided by the Organizers based on submissions
  • Don Charters Trail Cutter Award – Awarded to the volunteer who spent a ridiculous amount of time in the woods clearing trail and has the bug bites to prove it
  • White Memorial Award – Top Novice Rider
  • Bill Sharpless Memorial Award – Top Intermediate Rider
  • Clare Heard Award – Top Expert Rider
  • Kathi Cambell Award – Top Woman Pro Rider
  • Bert Irwin Memorial Award – Youngest Finisher (If tied, best score wins)
  • Lloyd Howell Memorial Manufacturers Team Award – 3 riders per team
  • Gold Rock Club Team Award – 3 riders per team
  • Hard Luck Trophy – Decided by the Organizers based on submissions
  • Finisher’s Awards – Awarded to all riders who complete all days of the Enduro

1.4.2    PRIZE MONEY

Only the Pro classes will receive prize money. Prize money will be awarded based on the rider’s standing overall in the class as follows:

  • Pro –                         1st $4000       2nd $2500      3rd $1000        4th 500             5th $200
  • Woman Pro –         1st $1500       2nd $800        3rd $500          4th $300           5th $200


Riders are eligible for appearance money only after they have started the Event.


Each day will be scored separately regarding points towards National and Provincial Championships.

The riders with the lowest total two day score are the winners in their respective class.

Only Pro and Expert class riders are eligible for the Premier Award.


The Prize-Giving Ceremony, under the responsibility of the Organizer, will be held immediately after the results become official.

The first three riders per class, together with any additional riders invited by the Clerk of the Course, may be invited to attend a short Press Conference to take place immediately after the Prize-Giving Ceremony.

If a rider is absent from the Prize-Giving Ceremony or Press Conference, without the prior approval of the Clerk of the Course, he will forfeit his trophy or prize money.



Entry opens on May 17th, 2023 at 12:00 noon.  


  • The starting row numbers will be allocated by LiveLaps on a first come first serve basis.
  • Riders who want to ride together should send in their entries together.
  • Exceptions to the above are allowed as deemed necessary by the event organizer.


The closing date for pre-entries is September 22, 2023.



There are no restrictions on type, brand, model or style of tire that the motorcycle can be fitted with as long as it is good condition and does not pose a risk to the competitor. No traction devices such as studs, spikes, chains may be added to the tires.


Each motorcycle must be equipped with an exhaust pipe and a silencer.

Motorcycles must pass the Sound Control Test before starting the event. The intake air filter box of the machine must not be obstructed and material (sponges, cloths, foams, etc.) must not be placed inside the air filter box, except the air filter element.

During the whole event (including before entering the Parc Fermé at the end of each day), the Organizer under the supervision of a Jury Member can check any motorcycle if they feel the motorcycle has become louder. The time spent for this test will be granted to the rider.

For repairs to the muffler and exhaust pipe during the event the following applies:

  • A rider wishing to repair or replace the silencer of his machine can do so at the end of the first day after the last time check and before entering the Parc Ferme.
  • The work must be carried out under the supervision of an official. The rider will be allowed an extra time of 30 minutes for this work. The same applies to riders who for any reason have been told by the Clerk of the Course or other official to have their machines tested.
  • The rider may request as many Sound Control Tests as he wishes during the 30 minutes allowance. After 30 minutes have elapsed, the rider will be required to present his machine for testing to the sound control test official. After the 30 minutes, if the noise level is above the required standard, the rider will not be authorized to start the next day.

If the silencer is changed during the day, the rider must present their bike at the end of the day for a Sound Control Test.  This Test will be carried out during the 30 minutes allowance. If the test is passed, the silencer will be marked with the official paint.

The sound level for engines with more than one cylinder will be measured on each exhaust end.


The verification of machines must be held on the site of the Event. On request of the Technical Steward, the riders must present themselves to the technical verification. At all times during the event, a rider will be responsible for keeping his machine in conformity with the rules and in safe operating condition.

For entering into the Parc Fermé, the motorcycles must be in a good condition for their normal use on the public roads with both tires correctly fitted.

The organizers can disqualify, at any time during the event, a motorcycle, the construction or condition of which is considered to be or may become a source of danger.


The number plates for the event shall be as follows:

  • Pro, Expert and Vet Expert – White numbers on a red background
  • Women Pro – White Numbers on blue background 
  • All other classes – Black numbers on a yellow background

A two inch round colour coded sticker will be placed on the front number plates beside the rider’s number. The colour of these stickers will correspond with the route and course markings the rider is to follow. At course splits the rider follows the arrows that match the coloured sticker on his/her bike.  If the colour for your group is not present, follow the orange arrows.

 Pro, Expert and Vet Expert

 Red number plates and pink arrows

 Woman Pro, Vet A, Intermediate A, Intermediate B

 Orange sticker and arrows

 Woman Int., Novice A, Novice B, Vet B, Vet 50, Vet +55

 Blue sticker and arrows

Women Novice, Novice C, Vet C

 Green sticker and arrows


Riders, who DNF will not ride back to the start unless they are plated, licensed and insured to operate on public roads in Ontario. In addition to being legal to ride on the roads the rider must remove his or her Corduroy Enduro® number plate sticker from the machine before riding back to the start.

All other riders who DNF will have to trailer their bikes to get back to the Parc Fermé/Start area. Event volunteers will work with the riders to get all riders and machines back to the start area when a rider DNF’s and is unable to get himself back to the start area. For legal, liability and safety reasons riders must stay on the course.


There are two possible time schedules. Schedule A will be calculated using a speed average based on 30 kph and Schedule B which is calculated based on a 24 kph speed average.

The clerk of the course will decide on which Schedule is being used and have it posted at the start area each morning of the event. Schedule B will be used if there is inclement weather.


Off-road Ontario rules will apply regarding being disqualified for not staying on schedule except at Check #7 on Saturday, Day 1. Riders will be disqualified if they are more than 30 minutes late checking through Check #7 as they are leaving the first gas stop. The 60 minute hour out rule will apply at all other checkpoints during the event.


Speed limits will be enforced on transit section roads and rail beds. Speed limit on these sections will be 40 kph unless posted otherwise. Course marshals will use radar guns to calculate the following penalties:

  • 11 kph over the limit – 1 min added to rider’s score
  • 15 kph over the limit – 5 min added to rider’s score
  • 20 kph over the limit – Disqualified
  • Not stopping for a course marshal or attempting to obscure rider number – Disqualified
  • No appeals or protests of a speeding penalty will be considered.


To be considered a finisher and be eligible for the awards and prizes a rider will not change motorcycles. A rider switching motorcycles during the course of any day of the Event will be disqualified.


Motorcycles will be impounded on Saturday night immediately following the last checkpoint. Riders who do not wish to impound their motorcycles shall be considered DNF for event awards, prizes, prize money and finisher’s medals.

A time check will be located at the entrance to the pit area at the finish of Day 1. There will also be a time check at the entrance to the impound and the riders will have 15 minutes to do maintenance at their pit area before impounding their motorcycle. Riders must arrive on schedule at the impound checkpoint and will be penalized for time that they are late checking into the impound.


The Parc Fermé is enclosed and fenced in to prevent unauthorized persons from entering. The limits are clearly marked out and supervised by a sufficient number of officials to ensure that only authorized persons may enter or have access to the machines. It has one clearly marked entrance and one exit which leads to the “starting area”, but no other entrances or exits. Officials in charge of the closed-controls must wear a distinctive emblem recognized by all persons concerned and the riders in particular.

The Parc Fermé will be protected by a security guard from 19:00 Saturday until 7:00 Sunday. Rides are encouraged to lock their motorcycles while they are in the impound for added security.  The Corduroy Enduro Riders are not responsible for lost or stolen vehicles or other items.

8.2    ACCESS

Access to the Parc Fermé is forbidden to everyone except Jury members, certain officials designated for duty, Media people (with appropriate credentials), and riders who are parking or taking out their motorcycles.

After checking in at the time check just before the Parc Fermé, the rider must stop the engine and push their motorcycle into the Parc Fermé without delay.

While proceeding from the time check to the Parc Fermé, it is forbidden to refuel or make any repairs on the motorcycle. Riders failing to comply with either of these requirements will be disqualified or other penalties given as provided for by the Jury.


In the Parc Fermé, it is forbidden for a rider, under penalty of disqualification (or other penalties as provided for by the jury) from the event:

  • To touch the machine of any other rider.
  • To touch his own machine except to push it in or out of the Parc Fermé.
  • To start the engine.

8.3.1    SMOKING

Any rider caught smoking in a Parc Fermé will be disqualified.

8.3.2    COVERS

The machines in the Parc Fermé must not be covered in any manner.


The Work Area  is a small enclosed area where the riders await the starting signal and where the starting line is situated at one extremity.  Riders will be allowed into the impound area to get their motorcycles 15 minutes before their respective start time. Working on the motorcycle in the impound area is not permitted.

  • Working on the motorcycle in Work Area is permitted until the starting signal is given.
  • Any rider caught smoking in the Work Area will be disqualified.


Only Jury members, designated officials, media people (with appropriate credentials) and the riders waiting for the start, are permitted access to the Work Area.

Each rider is allowed one mechanic in the Work Area. No other persons are allowed into the Work Area.


No assistance may be given in the Work Area, with the exception of a rider’s designated mechanic. While in the Work Area the designated mechanic is not allowed to do any repairs, maintenance, or touch the motorcycle except to replenish fluids, (gas, oil, coolant and brake fluid), inflate tires and check tire pressure. The penalty for breaking this rule is disqualification (or other penalties given as provided for by the Jury).

Women Intermediate, Women Novice and Junior class riders are exempt from the restrictions stated in the preceding paragraph. The designated mechanics for riders in these classes may assist with any and all repairs. All repairs must be carried out in the Work Area and only the designated mechanic may assist.

9.3    ENGINE

It is forbidden to start the engine of the motorcycle within the Impound, the Work Area, the Starting Line or any area in-between before the start signal has been given. The penalty for doing so is 1 minute.


Riders will be allowed to enter the Parc Fermé fifteen minutes before their starting times for the sole purpose of moving their motorcycles, by hand only, to the exit of the Parc Fermé and to enter into the Work Area. Work can be carried out on the motorcycle only in the Work Area.

A clock with the official time along with a set of flip cards is installed at the entrance/exit of the Parc Fermé.


At the beginning of each day’s run, the starting signal will be given at the exact time a rider is due to start. Within one minute after the starting signal has been given, the rider must have started their engine at the Starting Line and crossed another line, 20 metres from the Starting Line, using the power of the engine.

If a rider is not on the Starting Line when the signal to start is given, they will not be penalized as long as they brings their motorcycle to the starting line, starts the engine, and crosses the second line within one minute after the signal for his start is given. Riders arriving more than one minute late at the starting line will be penalized 1 minute per begun minute of delay. The minute in which the riders arrive at the start line will be considered as the new start time and before the minute expires, they must observe the start procedure.

Riders more than 60 minutes late coming to the start line will be classified as retired and not allowed to start.


All motorcycles must be started by the kick-start or other starting devices, mechanical or electrical. No assistance is allowed on the Starting Line. Should the engine stop before the motorcycle has crossed the second line, the rider has to restart it and cross the second line within one minute after the signal to start is given, in order not to be penalized. A rider not crossing the 20 metre line within one minute after their starting signal has been given will be penalized by 60 seconds.

A rider who has been penalized for not starting their engine and crossing the 20 metre line within one minute may then start their motorcycle any way they desires, but must cross the starting line before proceeding on route.

A rider who does not succeed in starting their machine or whose machine stops in the area between the starting line and the 20 metre line must not return to the starting area. They must push their motorcycle in the driving direction and cross the 20 metre line in order not to hinder other participants.

9.5.2    DISPUTES

When the case of a rider is under discussion and they wish to start the days event, they will not be prevented from so doing providing their machine has been held in the Parc Fermé as per the regulations, except for reasons of safety. The rider loses their right to start only after confirmation of disqualification by the Jury.

The Corduroy Enduro® is a registered trademark of the British Empire Motor Club