COVID-19 Safety Plan for the 2021 Corduroy Enduro®

This safety plan describes the measures and procedures the Corduroy Enduro® will implement to reduce the transmission risk of COVID-19. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • screening;
  • physical distancing;
  • masks or face coverings;
  • cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces and objects;
  • wearing of personal protective equipment;
  • preventing and controlling crowding;
  • ensuring that requirements for line management are complied with; and
  • mitigating the risk of interactive activities, exhibits or games.

The Corduroy Enduro® follows the official guidelines established by Provincial and Regional Health agencies.  It is the responsibility of all attendees to read, understand and follow these guidelines.  Failure to adhere to these rules may result in an early end to the person’s day and/or removal from the premises. We reserve the right to send anyone home who poses a risk to Public Safety.

 Please stay home if you or anyone you have contact with:          

  • Has a respiratory illness or any of the following symptoms: cough, fever, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, sore throat, muscle aches, runny nose, headache or other symptoms that indicate the possibility of a Covid-19 infection.
  • Has traveled outside Canada within the last 14 days.
  • Has visited a person not feeling well.


  1. Complete the online registration (register for the event, sign the waivers and pay required fees) and complete the COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire in advance.
  2. Allow their temperature to be taken with an infrared thermometer upon arrival at Base Camp (Robert McCausland Memorial Community Centre, Gooderham) if requested. Anyone with a temperature over 38C must leave the site immediately.
  3. Agree to follow all COVID-19 site signage and staff direction at Base Camp, at each test entry and exit points, at gas stops, and other gathering points.
  4. Agree to follow hygiene protocols required by public health agencies at all times.
  5. Agree to wear appropriate PPE when not wearing a helmet.
  6. Agree to wear a face mask or covering anytime indoors.
  7. Agree to wear a face mask or covering outdoors when two metre spacing cannot be maintained
  8. Supply their own accommodation, water, and food. 

CLICK here for the mandatory COVID-19 EPass Questionnaire

On-Line Registration

Competitors: To limit face to face contact, all Competitors, through Live Laps, must complete the on-line registration, sign the on-line waivers and make payments on-line, no later than September 24, 2021.

Crew Members, Volunteers:   Government regulations require that we limit the number of people gathering on site at all times. As per Government regulations, all crew members and volunteers are required to register and sign the online waiver prior to attendance.


All riders, crew members and volunteers must self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms prior to attendance and must not attend the event if they have experienced any symptoms, travelled outside of Canada or were exposed to someone with COVID-19.  Click on the link for the Government of Ontario’s COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire.

Scoring Transponder Tags

If a competitor does not have a scoring transponder tag, or requires changes to an existing tag, they must visit the scoring tag purchase / programme station.  Competitors must wear a face mask when at this station and bring exact change to minimize cash handling.  This station will have a plexiglass screen to protect the workers and cones placed at 2-meter intervals to assist in safe line-up spacing.

Social Distancing

Social Distancing rules will be in effect throughout the entire weekend.  All event attendees are required to maintain 2 metres (6 feet) from all others except for their own immediate family groups.  This is particularly important in line-ups, test starting areas, designated gas stops and camping / parking areas.  When possible, pylons will be used to indicate acceptable spacing limits.

Event Check-in

All event attendees will be required to check in at the gate upon arrival at Base Camp (Haliburton Community Centre Grounds) to confirm the number of attendees at the event, and to verify that all attendees have registered and completed the self-screening questionnaire.  Attendee temperatures may be taken at this point.

Sound Check

The competitor with their bike will be socially distanced from other competitors while in line for the sound check.  The sound meter will be mounted on a tripod or a long stick.  Workers are not permitted to touch a competitor’s motorcycle in any way.


All vehicles must be parked a minimum of 10 feet apart in the pits. Parking attendants will be in use, and you must follow their direction.


There are no services available on site except for outhouses. No open fires permitted, Gates close at 8:30


No food or water is available on site, attendees must bring their own. We are expecting food trucks on site each day. All vendors must have their own Covid safety plan which must be adhered to.


Government regulations required that we maintain a minimum number of people on site at all times.


Portable washrooms will be available. We ask that each person, after using the portable washroom, wipe down all contact surfaces with the provided disinfected spray prior to leaving.  Social distancing is required while waiting for a portable washroom to become available.  There is absolutely no admittance to the washrooms within the Haliburton Community Centre building.

Cleaning and Sanitation

All shared worker contact surface areas will be sanitized frequently throughout the day and at the end of each the day.

Riders Meeting

A riders meeting will be held over the PA system at the beginning of each day.

Staging Area / Test Start

Competitors and support crew must adhere to social distancing guidelines when approaching the start (flip card) area. In-check crews will approach each bike one at a time and tap the participants tag with the phone on a selfie stick if possible.  When the check-in crew member is within 2 metres of the competitor, the competitor must keep their helmet and goggles on, turn their head away from the check-in crew member and refrain from talking.

Check-out scoring, back-up scoring, and flip card handlers must be situated so that competitors do not pass within 2 metres of them at any time.

Parc Ferme

Riders are permitted only one helper in the Parc Ferme area.

Assisting a Downed Rider

  • Only immediate family / support crew personnel is permitted to assist with starting and repairing a competitor’s bike.
  • As with previous years, if a rider is injured, the following rider(s) is to notify the check-out crew of the incident and the possible extent of the injuries, if known.The check-out crew is to notify medical personnel.
  • Medical personnel will supply their own PPE and follow their own standards of practice in relation to COVID-19.


As with previous years, the race results will be available to view through live-laps online. The results will also be posted outside the community centre (location to be announced at the riders meting).  Competitors and crew must wear appropriate PPE and avoid crowding. A distance of 2m between themselves and others when viewing the results.

If a competitor feels that there is an issue with timing and scoring, the competitor is to go to the timing and scoring area, wearing appropriate PPE and following social distancing requirements.

Your Pits

You are responsible for your pit area and your crew.  Please be respectful of the park grounds, your neighbour and the workers who are making this event possible.  Follow the rules of social distancing, wear the appropriate PPE and listen to workers who are ensuring that the COVID-19 safety measures are met.

Registration is open, click here to register!