The Corduroy Enduro Race Coverage brought to you by GP Bikes -presented by KTM. Made possible by Promation. Commentators: Pat Gonsalves with Blair Sharpless
Corduroy-TV Episode 1 “The Impound”: In this episode enjoy some early morning shots of the hard enduro overnight impound and mechanic work area.
Corduroy-TV Episode 2 “The Cabin”:
Corduroy-TV Episode 4 “Woods Battle”:
Corduroy-TV Episode 3 “The Tunnel of Love”:
Corduroy-TV Episode 5 “Big Foot’s Big Can Pit”: In this episode Big Foot leads us to his Enduro Cross course and shows us how to recycle.
Corduroy-TV Episode 6 “Stage 3 Sedgewick’s Pit”:
2017 Top 3 Pro Riders, 1st Philippe Chaine, 2nd Aaron Wilkins, and 3rd Zach Luis
The Famous “Cord Log”
Calm before the Saturday morning storm.

2017 Results

Click here for 2017 Corduroy Enduro pics from Keith Hamilton:

2017 – Keith Hamilton Photo

Click here for 2017 Corduroy Enduro pics from Jeff Morgan Photo:

2017 – Jeff Morgan Photo